Everyone wants the best divorce lawyer on their side. But what happens when you have a great divorce lawyer and your spouse hires another top divorce attorney? Well, for starters, you each pony up a big retainer. Then one or both of the lawyers file divorce papers and have the other spouse served by a sheriff, maybe while they’re at work, or maybe at home in front of your kids. Then you pay the two attorneys to request documents from one another; often documents that you and your spouse already have. They tell you that all communications with your spouse should go through the lawyers.

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Best Divorce Attorney


They file motions for temporary orders, schedule depositions, attend scheduling conferences, settlement conferences and pretrial conferences until your retainer is used up and they have squeezed every last nickel out of you. When your life savings has been used up, then and only then will they start recommending that perhaps you should think about settling. By this point you and your spouse despise one another. If you have children, they most likely feel caught in the middle of your disputes. There is a lot less money left to fight over and now both of you are feeling pretty bad about the choice to hire lawyers.


Boston Uncontested Divorce was founded by a seasoned divorce attorney who spent three decades in the “trenches” trying contested family law matters in Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester counties. After realizing that many lawyers keep you fighting on purpose, and seeing how the divorce process can bring out the worst in people, she decided there had to be a better way.

Best Divorce Attorney


Best Divorce Attorney

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Boston Uncontested Divorce was created for couples who realize that a contested divorce is not for them and would prefer a cooperative, amicable divorce. They have seen friends spend tens of thousands of dollars on divorce lawyers only to end up unhappy with the result. They agree that their money would be better spent on purchasing new homes or sending their kids to college and so they agree to agree so that they can file an uncontested Joint Petition for Divorce.


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So what do we do? We offer a low-cost alternative to litigation and traditional mediation called “conciliation.” Unlike traditional divorce mediators who may put you in separate rooms and try to get you to a middle ground between what you want and what your spouse wants, we know that “I want” is not a legal argument and has no bearing on what a judge is likely to do in your case. Instead, we sit with both of you together in the same room and we tell you, based on experience, what a judge would be likely to do in your case if it went to trial.

Best Divorce Attorney

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As the best divorce attorney serving Dedham, we help you nail down your agreement; iron out any wrinkles; prepare your divorce documents including an expertly-drafted, comprehensive agreement for inclusion in your divorce judgment; and walk you through the court process to ensure your papers get filed and approved by the court quickly.

Unlike most other mediators, we go to court with you, answer any questions the judge may have, and help you agree on the spot to any changes the judge wants made to your agreement. We offer a calming environment; daytime and evening appointments; free parking and a low-stress experience. All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted.

Best Divorce Attorney

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So why is our website called DIYDivorceBoston? Well many of our clients agree before they walk in the door, for the most part, on the major issues like custody, property division, child support and spousal support, but they don’t know how or where to start to dissolve their marriage. They would DIY if they could, but they know enough not to draft their own legal separation agreement or divorce agreement that is required for filing with a Joint Petition for Divorce in Massachusetts. You wouldn’t do your own surgery and probably don’t even do your own taxes, so why would you try to do your own divorce?

The agreement you submit to the court will become the Judgment of Divorce. If it is not written properly there may be all sorts of unintended consequences and you may be stuck with them forever. So don’t copy your friend’s agreement or buy one of those one-size-fits-all fifty states agreements from the internet when you can have an experienced attorney prepare your divorce documents and know it was done right.

If you’re not sure you need our services, read some of the DIY horror stories we’ve included under the heading What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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